New Zealand's technology sector is booming

Companies like XeroVend and Weta Digital are making waves, raising the profile of New Zealand, and establishing the country as a global player in the tech sector. Talented people have the opportunity to quick make their mark, and to gain recognition. 

There are thousands of open roles for skilled software developers, and the government has listed the position on its ‘critical skills shortage’ list for immigration purposes.

Despite its small size, New Zealand is well known on the global stage and is uniquely positioned between western and eastern economies. New Zealand is 21 hours ahead of California. That means it’s “tomorrow,” but only 3 hours behind the U.S. west coast, making it easy to collaborate with American clients without a radical sleep schedule.

Whether your passion is software, IT, 3D manufacturing, sustainability, digital media, robotics, agtech, industrial design, eco-architecture, or some new field that hasn’t been invented yet, New Zealand is eager for your expertise.

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High Demand

There are thousands of open roles for skilled software developers, and the government has listed the positions on its “long term skill shortage” list for immigration purposes. Promising Kiwi companies are recruiting software engineers of all types (full-stack, DevOps, IT, data scientists, privacy engineers, system administrators, management and leadership, QA, and more).

Impact Entrepreneurship

The impact entrepreneurship and social enterprise sector is taking off in New Zealand, grounded in the belief that business and doing good for the planet, as well as its inhabitants, can go hand-in-hand. The Ākina Foundation operates New Zealand’s largest social enterprise accelerator and incubator programmes.

For those already in the space, the Enspiral Network is navigating the intersection between social enterprise and technology, with over 300 contributors from all over New Zealand and beyond.

Creative industries

New Zealand is well known for its world-class arts and design culture, and there are plenty of opportunities for creatives to thrive. Filmmakers, artists, and designers in New Zealand have the opportunity to step fully into their creative powers with contemporary tools, engaging challenges, and world-class mentors.

As digital experiences become increasingly prevalent, the New Zealand’s film industry is positioned to become even more renowned for its talents and will help shape the modern arts renaissance.

Given this incredible opportunity to reach global audiences in new ways, many artists and change-makers are focusing their attention on how to tell stories that have a lasting, positive influence in our world. Kiwi Connect is looking for experienced documentary makers in particular, to work on some exciting projects. Please contact us if you’re interested. 

New Zealand Success Stories


Xero is a breakaway New Zealand company, currently valued at over $2 billion, that developed its disruptive corporate finance products in Wellington and is now rapidly expanding globally.


Gallagher is a Kiwi AgTech company that has grown from humble beginnings inventing electric fences in the 1930’s, to the leading smart-farm company it is today.


Kiwi crowdfunding platform PledgeMe has been helping many projects get off the ground, particularly now that changes in legislation have paved the way for equity crowdfunding in New Zealand. 

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of respiratory and acute healthcare technology, with products sold in over 120 countries.  


Vend is point-of-sale, inventory and customer loyalty software company that launched in New Zealand in 2010, and now has offices around the world.


Tech co-operative Loomio were borne out of the Occupy movement, and have been attracting attention from all over the world for their collaborative decision-making software.

Source: New Zealand Technology Industry Association

Source: New Zealand Technology Industry Association