A unique opportunity exists for investors of impact capital to participate in the exciting developments happening in New Zealand. Global trends favour countries that are cohesive, developed, and free from burdensome debt.

New Zealand ranked #1 in the world for ease of starting a business and investor protections
— The World Bank, Doing Business Report 2015

In a world of unprecedented connectivity and change, New Zealand is emerging as an Incubation-Nation, where great ideas are turned into valuable IP. Being a nation of innovators, there is no shortage of cutting-edge ideas just waiting for the capital they need to get off the ground. New Zealand offers high growth opportunities, in a lower valuation landscape than Silicon Valley. A perfect place to invest in early stage ventures, or publicly traded companies with scalable models.

Kiwi Connect has strong partnerships with venture capital funds and startup accelerator programmes. We are also in the process of developing our own venture capital funds for technology and agtech, unique to the needs of the New Zealand innovation sector. Reach out to start a conversation about how we can provide a tailored service for your investment needs.

Impact capital

New Zealand investment opportunities are not just “more of the same.” We’re passionate about stewarding capital towards impactful enterprises that deliver investor returns as part of a larger vision of service. We want to help you solve real problems, and influence global societies and economies.

Leading Kiwi businesses and entrepreneurs are adopting a triple bottom line approach, focusing on “people, planet, and profit” – rather than just profit alone. This corporate social responsibility is making New Zealand a top choice among the world’s most talented individuals and teams.

Move beyond the predictable, and participate in disruptive high-value, high-impact ventures that address important global challenges in agriculture, water management, film/media, healthcare, and government.

Investor-friendly policies

With low corruption, sensible tax policies, and special incentives for technology startups, New Zealand has earned a reputation for being one of the most investor-friendly countries in the world.

There is a well-developed professional market of lawyers, bankers, and accountants who can help ensure you stay in compliance with international tax and legal obligations without getting bogged down by them.

Kiwi Connect is advising Immigration New Zealand on how the department might better use policy as a lever to boost  investment in startups and innovation businesses in New Zealand. 

Access to public markets

The New Zealand public stock exchange (NZX) offers attractive valuations and liquidity options without the same demands of other public markets. Companies can generally IPO at a much smaller size than in the United States or other developed countries.

Invest in valuable assets and regenerative models that are well-positioned for outsized returns in the coming years – both for your portfolio, for people and for the planet. Whether it’s disruptive tech startups, burgeoning social enterprises, or world leading digital storytelling, we can help connect you with investment opportunities that fit your aims. Connect with us to learn more.