Immigrating to a new country can be tough work, particularly when you’re not familiar with policies and practices of your new home country.


The good news is that New Zealand is open for business, and is actively recruiting talented individuals from overseas to join the workforce! Immigration New Zealand is looking for skilled, hard-working and passionate migrants and investors who can lend their talents towards boosting a diverse and thriving economy.  

Immigration officials are not locked away in an Ivory Tower. Kiwi Connect has a great relationship with Immigration New Zealand, and we are currently providing advice to the department on new ideas to use immigration as a lever to boost the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Immigration Options

Depending on your situation, there a number of mechanisms to secure your right to legally live and work in New Zealand.

Skilled Migrant

If you’re educated, speak English, are in good health and of good character, you may qualify for a Skilled Migrant residency visa. This visa works on a points based system, with extra points being awarded if you already have a job offer and your expertise fills a gap on the country’s skills shortage list. Occupations on this list include developers, IT systems managers, designers, project managers, scientists and all kinds of engineers. These positions are all regularly advertised by WorkHere NZ.

Migrant Investor Categories

If you’re intending to invest in New Zealand, you may qualify for residency under one of the two migrant investor categories.

The Investor Plus category (or Investor 1) requires NZ$10 million investment in New Zealand for a minimum of three years; the standard Investor category (or Investor 2) requires NZ$1.5 million for a minimum of four years. Both categories require you to be in New Zealand for a certain number of days each year. 

If this is your area of interest, talk to us. We can connect you with the right people to advise on immigration, investment vehicles and regulations.

Entrepreneur Work Visa

Immigration New Zealand has special Entrepreneur Work Visas which allow you to come to New Zealand and develop your idea, start a business and build a path towards permanent residency. This makes New Zealand especially unique when compared with other countries’ visa programs.

Working Holiday Visa

This is a work visa aimed at younger people of 18 - 30, which allows you to undertake casual short-term work. Exact conditions and timeframes depend on your country of citizenship, and for some countries, visa numbers are limited each year. Check out the details for your country here.

Student Visas

Student Visas are readily available in New Zealand, and the country has a high foreign student population. Many of the universities are tailored towards supporting international students, to nurture a cross-border exchange of ideas. Generally, student work visas also allow you to work full-time in New Zealand during semester breaks.

Silver Fern Visas

The Silver Fern Job Seeker visa offers skilled young people aged 20 - 25 who don’t yet have a job in New Zealand, the chance to spend up to 9 months in the country to search for employment. If a job offer is made, you may apply for a Silver Fern Practical Experience visa for up to two years of employment.

This visa category is limited to only 300 places per year which fill quickly. Online applications usually open in April. 

What About My Family?

For most categories listed above, you can apply to bring your family with you. There are usually conditions surrounding age, English language, health and character references for family members, and you will need sufficient funds to support family members. For most Residence visa categories, you can include your financially dependent children up to the age of 25 years.

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(Disclaimer: The information on this page does not constitute official immigration advice, and it is subject to change. Kiwi Connect Ltd is not liable for any damages arising from inaccuracies. Check with Immigration New Zealand for the most up to date information.)

Depending on your situation, there a number of mechanisms to secure your right to legally live and work in New Zealand.