A stable and Friendly Government 

The New Zealand Government is a stable centre-right government led by the National Party, which by American standards, is socially-progressive and fiscally-conservative. New Zealand has one of the fairest voting systems in the world with a Mixed-Member Proportional Parliament that better represents the views of its citizens than most countries.

New Zealand is open for business, and actively seeking overseas talent. The Government runs several initiatives to assist entrepreneursinvestors  and filmmakers in doing business in New Zealand.

New Zealand issues its own currency through the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and has lower debt levels than most countries.

A peaceful country, New Zealand has had minimal involvement in global conflicts in recent decades. When they do get involved, Kiwi soldiers often play the role of peacekeeper, building infrastructure and schools. Generally Kiwis like to sort out their problems by talking rather than fighting. This is also illustrated in the distinct lack of litigation, and New Zealand’s world-leading no-fault accident compensation scheme, which applies to both Kiwis and visitors. New Zealand looks after people, celebrating freedom in many senses of the word.

Source: International Budget Partnership, Open Budget Survey, 2012.

Source: International Budget Partnership, Open Budget Survey, 2012.