Great stories come to life in New Zealand

Renowned for their ingenuity,  studios like Weta Digital in Wellington and filmmakers like James Cameron and Peter Jackson are paving the way. Successful big-budget films like Lord of The Rings and Avatar, combined with decades of excellent Kiwi film-making, have established a solid foundation and flourishing ecosystem for the New Zealand movie industry.

People think we shot in New Zealand because the rainforests are beautiful… But we didn’t have a single day of exteriors on the movie. It was all created with ones and zeros.
— James Cameron, on the technology used in Avatar

New Zealand provides countless beautiful backdrops for filming, with a wide range of natural settings. Wild jungles, gorgeous beaches, mountain peaks, and captivating lakes are all within a couple of hours of major centres such as Wellington and Queenstown. The NZ film industry is relatively young, and many parts of the country are untouched by cameras, so there are plenty of unique ways in which to make your mark.

New Zealand’s media industry is booming and there are opportunities everywhere. From editors to camera operators, set designers to lighting experts, script writers to sound technicians, a wide range of skills are required to keep up the momentum. Modern connectivity has changed the rules of the game, and New Zealand is poised to become a digital media hub to rival California in the coming years.

The Government has created specific programs to attract filmmakers to New Zealand. From relationships and connections, logistical support, and potentially lucrative financial incentives, your work is embraced here. Check out the New Zealand Screen Production Grant for more details.

If you’re passionate about digital media and arts, and you’re interested in New Zealand for future projects or opportunities, we’d love to connect! Contact us to start the conversation.