We’ve entered the era of the “talent economy”. Technological innovations have flattened the globe, making high-performance teams the most valuable competitive advantage and defensible asset of your business.


Kiwi Connect are interested in supporting and working with companies who are building tools and solutions that have the potential to make an impact around the world. We are dedicated to helping you nurture excellence and build a world-class team that will place you in the best position to contribute to a more beautiful world.

New Zealand ranks first on our list of the Best Countries for Business, up from No. 2 last year, thanks to a transparent and stable business climate that encourages entrepreneurship.
— Forbes Magazine, Best Countries For Business

Utilising our years of experience building successful technology startups in the United States – recruiting some of the most talented individuals in Silicon Valley, raising tens of millions of dollars in venture capital, and developing a deep understanding of the New Zealand ecosystem – the Kiwi Connect team is here to help tech companies realise their goals, scale operations, and make a true impact in the world.

Start a company in New Zealand, move a company, open a branch, do R&D in New Zealand, take your Kiwi company offshore or expand your networks globally - no matter your vision, Kiwi Connect can help you scale. Connect with us today.  

Why set-up a company in NZ?

After centuries at the edge of the map, New Zealanders have developed a resourcefulness and innovative spirit, that is nurtured within business communities. We are a country of highly educated do-ers, who thrive on action and are always ready to test and experiment.

To complement this dedicated workforce, the country’s immigration policies are tailored towards attracting skilled migrants. Immigration New Zealand has a special category of visa and residency to assist employees of relocating companies. Immigration New Zealand also offers an employer accreditation programme to make it simple and fast to hire foreign talent.   

The innovative can-do attitude of Kiwis, combined with the country’s small size, friendly business environment and significant Government support for research and development, make New Zealand the perfect Incubation-Nation. Tight interconnected networks mean that no one is more than 2 degrees of separation away, and it feels like one giant city of 4.5 million people.

The country is fertile testing ground for new products, services and ideas. You will find diverse, yet interconnected markets that respond quickly. Technology companies such as Google and Facebook test new features in New Zealand before they roll out to other markets, and the country’s banks are leading the way, adopting the latest in online and electronic banking technologies.

New Zealand is home to globally integrated industries, and has tight economic relationships with Western and Asian economies. The Government is highly supportive of business, allowing personal freedom and investor protection, and a distinct lack of red tape and corruption. This open environment is one of the reasons that Forbes has ranked New Zealand as the #1 country in the world to do business.

Why scale companies beyond New Zealand?

New Zealand is a perfect testing ground, but in order to make an outsized impact on the world, companies need to scale beyond our borders.

For high-performance companies, international bases provide access to larger markets and opportunities to scale. Great ideas flourish when people connect through diverse networks outside their own backyard.

Kiwi Connect is building two way bridges between New Zealand and technology hubs. We can help you gain access to global partners, international mentors and offshore venture capital.

Kiwi Connect can assist with:

  • Managing global talent searches, especially between New Zealand and Silicon Valley

  • Connecting you with networks and resources to assist in relocating your company to New Zealand, or opening a new office, so you can hit the ground running

  • Designing, scaling, and executing successful college recruiting programs at top universities

  • Branding your company to attract the right people who will fit your needs and culture

  • Rapidly building and integrating offshore development teams

  • Designing on-boarding experiences and training for new hires

  • Talent development, retention techniques, and employee referral programs

  • Navigating venture capital and investment networks in New Zealand and Silicon Valley

  • Connecting companies to the right partners in New Zealand and California

We believe in building long-term partnerships based on shared goals and values. If you’d like to discuss the advantages that New Zealand can provide your company, please connect with us and let’s have a conversation! We can also assist Silicon Valley based companies in accessing fresh Kiwi talent.