Open Source // Open Society: New Zealand's Conference on All Things Open

Open Source // Open Society: New Zealand's Conference on All Things Open

Guest Post: Anthony Cabraal, Enspiral

New Zealand is unique in many ways. Friends of friends of friends of friends can reach nearly any room in the country. Ambitious ideas can gain traction and travel quickly. When the right people get into a room, our culture is open enough to create the connections we need to innovate, remove blockers and make things happen. It is this opportunity that has helped bring the OS//OS - Open Source, Open Society conference -to life.

OS//OS is about realising New Zealand’s potential across the worlds of open source technology, government policy development and innovative ways of leading and building teams and businesses.

OS//OS - Open Source Open Society

Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd August
Michael Fowler Centre
Wellington, NZ.

The 2nd OS//OS open source, open society conference is four short weeks away. It is growing into the largest gathering in the southern hemisphere where technologists - software developers, product owners, open source advocates, business owners, leaders, managers and team leads from across the tech sector, intersect with government and policy people - data scientists, policy developers, procurement professionals, analysts, commentators, consultants and team leaders, and businesspeople - the innovators, managers, entrepreneurs and leaders who are building and operating companies that are changing how we interact with technology.

OS//OS is hosting global leaders in Wellington next month

If you’re working in technology, building a business that relies on tech or need to know what’s coming next, then you need to understand the potential of open source.

This year we’ll be hosting some world leaders from across open technology. From government leaders like Eric Synder, a founding member of the world leading US Digital Services in The White House, and now the Executive Director of Digital Services at the U.S Department of Homeland Security, to innovators like Evan Henshaw-Plath, one of minds open technologists behind the birth and rise of Twitter....

Evan Henshaw-Plath Odeo Twitter open source change makers like Audrey Tang who has led work for collaboration between citizens, business and administration and get laws changed in Taiwan.

Audrey Tang Taiwan gov g0V democracy

Douglas Rushkoff is an acclaimed author and respected commentator on future trends across technology, democracy and business. He beams into OS//OS from New York to share stories from the very edges of possible in the world today.

Douglas Rushkoff open source social technology

These global leaders will be joined by local champions who are leading the way to a more innovative, more open society here in New Zealand, such as former prime minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer.

Sir Geoffrey Palmer constitution lawyer Prime Minister

The conference will be a mix of keynote sessions, practical professional development workshops and open collaborative sessions to connect and meet new friends.

OS//OS is a unique opportunity not to be missed if:

  • You are working in technology or building a business that is future focused. Learn about how to make the most of open source thinking to change how you think about technology, business and your organisation.
  • You’re interested in how your work intersects with government, civic policy and the potential for New Zealand to lead the world towards a more open society.
  • You’re living overseas and looking for a new home to build and incubate a venture that contributes towards a more open society. New Zealand is on the verge of opening a new visa programme that will enable transformational entrepreneurs and investors to make global impact on the world, from right here in New Zealand. OS//OS can help you to understand the lay of the land, and some of the opportunities that exist in New Zealand.

There are only 400 tickets available so be quick - don’t miss out! Get along to Open Source Open Society on August 22/23 at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington.

Anthony Cabraal is a member of the Enspiral network and marketing director of the OS//OS conference. He is passionate about New Zealand’s potential to use technology to innovate on democracy and lead the world towards a more open society.

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