Faces of New Frontiers

Wow! What a ride!

Against the idyllic backdrop of the Upper Hutt countryside, diverse voices gathered from all over New Zealand and across the Pacific for New Frontiers;  to share unique gifts, cross-pollinate ideas, and co-create solutions for a more beautiful world. The energy was electric throughout the six days, with stimulating conversation and bold new ideas nourishing our minds, music and poetry nourishing our hearts, and delicious wholesome food nourishing our bellies. Many new connections were made and ideas sparked!

As an event, New Frontiers 2015 may done and dusted, but the collective journey is just beginning... In the coming weeks, we will be sharing our thoughts and video content around the themes that emerged.

In the meantime, check out our slideshow of participants sharing their visionary ideas for embracing new frontiers in all aspects of our lives. 

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What will it take to create a more beautiful world?

A Look Inside Our Global Well : Reflections from New Frontiers 2015

"I Can Smell The Uranium On Your Breath" - Anti-Nuclear New Zealand 30 Years On