New Frontiers 2015 Kicks Off!

Picture: Android Jones

Picture: Android Jones

Over the coming week the KiwiConnect team is hosting a gathering of New Zealand’s brightest minds along with international guests, to share unique gifts, cross-pollinate ideas, and explore new frontiers in service to a more beautiful world.

We live in a complex world, made up of countless moving parts. It is through sharing diverse ideas and expertise, and taking the time to understand the interconnected nature of societies, economies and ecosystems, that we are able to co-create holistic, scalable solutions that can have a lasting impact on the world.

Global digital connectivity has flattened the globe, making it easier than ever to collaborate with partners across the sea.  New Zealand is uniquely positioned to take advantage of improved access to global networks, and build upon our strong foundation as a nation of do-it-yourself inventors and innovators.

Yet we humans are a social species, and we are at our best when we have face-to-face time to nurture creativity and plant seeds. Real magic happens when we give ourselves the freedom to engage in bold, open conversations and explore ideas without boundaries, expectations or set deliverables.

This is what New Frontiers is about. In our role as a builder of bridges between purposeful communities, KiwiConnect is bringing together participants from the realms of technology, agriculture, arts, education, digital media, entrepreneurship, investment and government, with the intention of facilitating emergent conversations between people whose paths might not always cross.

Watch this space over the coming weeks, for articles and videos sharing learnings and insights from event participants. 

Let the co-creation begin!

KiwiConnect is building global bridges to connect world-class talent, impact capital, and high-tech innovation to the fast-growing New Zealand startup ecosystem. We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs and change-makers with experience founding and scaling technology companies.  

Our mission is to advance projects and nurture pioneering communities that contribute to a more beautiful world. We work with a range of people and partnership organisations, whom are passionate about using their talents to help realise this vision.

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