Welcoming Rebecca Mills to the Kiwi Connect Team

The Kiwi Connect team is growing!

We have been slowly but steadily seeking out inspirational Kiwis, to help us build bridges to New Zealand for people, investors and companies who want to contribute towards a more beautiful world.

This week, we are excited to welcome strategist Rebecca Mills to our team!

Rebecca has an impressive track record of working with some of New Zealand’s biggest companies, universities and government agencies to build strategies for a brighter future for people, for the planet and for profit. She is a systems thinker who finds and activates leverage points, resulting in high impact, transformative and scalable models.

Rebecca has also made a big splash in global circles of sustainable business. In December 2011, she dedicated 2 years of her life as the founding strategist working alongside Sir Richard Branson, Jochen Zeitz and other global leaders to create The B Team.

Here's clip of Rebecca a couple of years ago, sharing a few insights ahead of 'Survive and Thrive', one of New Zealand's largest conferences for the creative industries.

Kiwi Connect is dedicated to bringing amazing people to New Zealand, to build up ventures that will create a better world. Globally, this tiny blue biosphere and it’s inhabitants are facing unprecedented social, environmental and economic challenges. But along with these challenges, come opportunities to develop scalable ventures that serve not just financial bottom lines, but have a lasting positive impact.

From our vantage point at the bottom of the world, halfway between the East and West, we see New Zealand as the perfect place to incubate new ventures, invest in impact projects and to make a lasting difference.

We recognise that helping people to achieve big dreams, needs to start with a team that dreams big. And we think Rebecca is a great addition towards building such a team!

Welcome Rebecca!

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