The Startup Ecosystem in New Zealand

How can the New Zealand startup ecosystem make an impact in the world?

New Zealand is uniquely positioned to incubate startups that can reach global markets. Dave Moskovitz and Linc Gasking, share their perspectives on the exciting opportunities in technology and on ways to nurture the New Zealand startup ecosystem.

New Zealand produces great computer scientists, making it an attractive place to find talent. Moskovitz also points out the large brain gain to Wellington (the nation’s capital) and highlights how it is a diverse city with talented people coming from all over the world. Yet, the demand for specialized knowledge is higher than currently available, and New Zealand needs to attract more foreign talent and increase the number of engineers it trains locally.

The New Zealand market is also used for technology first trials, and companies such as Facebook test new features in New Zealand before launching them globally. “We are a country of early adopters, and we are willing to try things,” observes Gasking. This makes New Zealand an ideal place for startups, where entrepreneurs can easily test their ideas and products.

Moskovitz and Gasking agree that for New Zealand to make an impact in the world, it needs to build a globally focused start-up ecosystem.

To learn more, watch the panel discussion with Dave Moskovitz and Linc Gasking, facilitated by Yoseph Ayele from KiwiConnect.


Dave Moskovitz is a Wellington-based startup investor and advisor.  He helps run LightningLab, a business accelerator.

Linc Gasking is a serial entrepreneur.  His latest project is FreeRange, a startup that cultivates other startups. 

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