Kiwi Connect at Festival for the Future 2014: Building Things That Scale

Kiwi Connect at Festival for the Future 2014: Building Things That Scale

Kiwi Connect co-creator Yoseph Ayele recently spoke at Festival for the Future in Auckland, a gathering of 400 social entrepreneurs, change-makers, activists and innovators who are working towards a more beautiful world.

The world is facing massive environmental challenges in the areas of deforestation, food production and global access to freshwater. It’s so easy to feel disempowered in the face of these global challenges. While New Zealand is a country with a small population, it has a unique advantage due its strength in the primary industries. New Zealand has an opportunity to lead by example by developing working models that can be replicated.

In his talk, Yoseph offers three crucial nuggets of advice in building things that scale:

1. Have the courage to join teams, not just create them.

We are all drawn towards starting our own things, leaving our own legacy. It’s not a bad thing to want to lead. But tackling big challenges requires collective effort, and joining existing teams can help accelerate progress.

2. Don’t just cook food, create recipes.

Global connectivity and a move towards collaborative, open-source solutions means we don’t need to reinvent the wheel to create change. Create replicable infrastructures and templates and share them with others, both inside and outside your organisation.

3. Avoid being the bottleneck.

It feels good to be the centrepiece of your project, but if you are the one holding all the cards, it’s easy to become the bottleneck. Ask yourself, “If I don’t show up to work tomorrow, will things continue to happen?”  If the answer is no, more effort is needed in building teams of values-aligned leaders equipped to scale the organisation’s operations.

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