Introducing Kiwi Connect's New Website!

As 2014 draws to a close, Kiwi Connect is celebrating our first year of operations. 

To kick off the new year to a good start, we're bringing in a fresh new-look website!

The core nature of our business is connecting people who share a vision for a better world, to bring their dreams to life in New Zealand. We connect across oceans and airwaves, communities and timezones. So it's crucial that people can easily find the information they need on our website. 

There are many roads to Rome, and so there are many ways in which to leave a positive impact on the world. Entrepreneurs looking to build or expand a business in New Zealand will find fertile testing grounds to quickly validate your products and ideas in a nation that celebrates innovation. Inventors and engineers can create and incubate disruptive technologies that have the power to transform global food, transport and energy systems. Investors benefit from a stable government and investor-friendly policies that encourage growth. Artists, storytellers and filmmakers will find plenty of opportunities to be inspired and co-create with other passionate people. And as New Zealand is always looking for skilled developers, designers and other IT professionals, there are plenty of opportunities with existing companies, if a change of scene is what you are after.

And where to live? We've provided the scoop on some of our favourite cities in New Zealand, each one unique suiting different unique needs and circumstances.

If you're after a large metropolitan city, with great opportunities to network with Kiwi businesses and large multi-nationals, Auckland might just be the place for you. Wellington is New Zealand's home of tech, with a buzzing, young startup ecosystem, and a world-class film and media arts industry to boot.

If the great outdoors is your kick, you can't beat living in Queenstown for a quick after-work kayak or bike ride. And if you're looking for a blank canvas on which to make your mark, post-earthquake Christchurch is a transitional city, hungry for innovation, where anything is possible!

Our new website was made possible by Kiwi Connect's newest team member, Tai Kenning. We're thrilled to have such a talented designer on the team. Check out Tai and the rest of the team here

Happy holidays and happy surfing on our new site!

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