Join the evolution in farming and plant new seeds into fertile soil.


Building upon a rich history in agriculture, New Zealand is integrating modern technologies with ancient wisdom to lead the way in farming for the future. The global food system is undergoing radical changes. Challenges arising from population growth are converging with those of climate change, while the unintended consequences of industrial agriculture are colliding with a growing scarcity of fertile land and clean water.

New Zealand is the ideal incubation space for the next evolution of agriculture. Drawing on the generations of knowledge passed down through Kiwi farming families over the last two hundred years, we have all the right ingredients to be a leader in regenerative agriculture and holistic food production systems.

New Zealand’s agtech exports are worth approximately $1.2 billion annually.
— Coriolis Research, 2015

Back to the Roots

The permaculture movement is well established here, benefitting from decades of accumulated wisdom and practical solutions, while community supported agriculture programmes are growing. The Māori principle of “kaitiakitanga”, intergenerational guardianship or stewardship over the land, provides an operational philosophy for many who work the land. In efforts to maintain New Zealand’s vast ecological wealth, the Government has set aside 30% of New Zealand’s landmass for public ownership and some degree of protection, administered by the Department of Conservation.


Supporting our reputation as global leaders in the agtech space, many of our most exciting technology developments are happening in rural New Zealand. From humble beginnings inventing electric fences in the 1930’s, to the world-leading smart-farm company it is today, Gallagher Group is one of New Zealand’s biggest technology export earners. While there is no shortage of rain here, precision-irrigation technology developed in New Zealand is advancing efficiency of freshwater use, improving farm yields and reducing farm runoff and soil erosion.

Trends in New Zealand Agriculture

Upholding the nation’s ban on GMOs, the Government is also investing heavily into other forms of R&D for the primary sector, through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Callaghan Innovation, and AgResearch. While New Zealand has traditionally been an exporter of primary production commodities, there is growing support for enterprising companies and individuals to add value to products. Demand is increasing, from Asian and Western markets, for premium food products that can be shown to be grown in healthy, sustainable, safe, equitable and transparent ways.

The new future of food requires brains and muscle, wisdom and youth, ecology and technology. Whatever your background, if you’re interested in working on the leading edge of agricultural evolution, New Zealand might be the ideal place for you. Please contact us to get connected with unique organic farming, permaculture, agtech, gardening and forestry opportunities.