New Frontiers 2016: A Heartfelt Thank You

The lights have gone out in the Event Dome, with New Frontiers wrapping up for another year. Yet as the festival itself has come to an end, the conversations are just beginning. A group of 250+ individuals who just participated in a deeply immersive experience together are heading back to their homes, their workplaces, their communities and their next adventures, with new perspectives on old problems, and the seeds for new collaborations sowed. 

Getting KEA Inspire'd

A flea is able to jump 20,000 times it’s own body height. If you put a flea in a jar, it will jump and hit lid of the jar. After a while, upon releasing the flea it still retains the capacity to jump 20,000 times it’s own body height, yet it only jumps as far as the former lid of the jar, as it has come to associate jumping with pain.