The Kiwi Connect Story

It was stuck in traffic in an Uber ride, amongst the concrete jungle of the 101 in Silicon Valley, that Matthew and Brian Monahan first discovered the abundance of green on Google Maps’ satellite view of rural Upper Hutt near Wellington, as they started searching for a new home base. 

Scrubbing Graffiti And Capturing Prince Harry's Attention

HRH Prince Harry: "I would like to congratulate those who have already pledged their time, and encourage others to do the same.” There I was, squatting in front of a graffiti-covered wall in Upper Hutt, New Zealand, alongside a small German boy, an entrepreneur and a street artist; all of us scrubbing tags and other assorted delinquent creations off an alleyway out the back of a service station.

New Frontiers 2016: A Heartfelt Thank You

The lights have gone out in the Event Dome, with New Frontiers wrapping up for another year. Yet as the festival itself has come to an end, the conversations are just beginning. A group of 250+ individuals who just participated in a deeply immersive experience together are heading back to their homes, their workplaces, their communities and their next adventures, with new perspectives on old problems, and the seeds for new collaborations sowed.